• końcowe odliczanie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    zdjęcie drugie jest cudowne ;DDDDDDDDD
    sto parę godzin i joł łi !

  • ja odliczam do Waszego powrotu ;]

  • omer

    hey man, its Omer from israel
    we were on the van from moron
    so how was your trip with bagi?
    i saw you had some days with really cold weather, i hope you didn’t have too much rain
    man, can u send me the pictures from our ride?
    and also pass me your email adress so i can send you mine, i have the pictures from all the guys, and we have some pretty good ones

  • czono

    Hi Omer!
    I`m glad to hear You
    our trip was realy amazing and fantastic and and…
    the weather also was great, only two days with rain, after that sun…alot of sun!
    about email, You can find on this web, down on the left side where is “About”
    i will send You pictures, but first i have to develop my films and scan, so please – be patient
    once again thanks for very nice time and maybe we will see somewhere on the way
    greetings for You and Your Israelian friends!